Snow cover and glacier variations



This symposium was held May 16, 1989, during the International Association of Hydrological Sciences Third Scientific Assembly in Baltimore, Md. The symposium was sponsored by the International Commission on Snow and Ice.

The theme of this symposium centered on the current interest in worldwide changes in snow and ice masses, as well as other topics of interest to snow and ice studies. Attendance of delegates from the Chinese Institute at Lanzhou was particularly welcome because this large delegation was able to introduce and share their work on snow and glaciers with delegates from other countries. There were also stimulating presentations on Soviet work on ice cores and Japanese work on Chinese glaciers. The results of 30 years of records from 2300 stations in China were analyzed to show how the snow accumulation had varied in recent decades. It was also shown that about two-thirds of the glaciers in China have retreated, most strongly in the 1960s and again in the 1980s. Informal presentations were made of some of the Soviet work on ice cores and of the variations of the snow cores in Hungary in recent winters.