Money for quakes



In the wake of a multibillion-dollar earthquake relief bill for California that quickly passed Congress, the Senate voted to retain the Federal Emergency Management Agency as the lead agency of the National Earthquake Hazard Reduction Program by passing an amended version of S. 1062, a bill to reorganize NEHRP. In a related action, the Senate added more money for the program to an appropriations bill.

On the floor of the Senate October 25, Al Gore (D-Tenn.) introduced and won approval for an extra $20 million appropriation for NEHRP as an addition to a Continuing Resolution on the Fiscal Year 1990 budget. He compared the October 17 earthquake in northern California to last December's Armenian earthquake, which killed 20,000 people. “The difference between 20,000 dead and less than 100 dead was preparation, preparedness, prevention,” he said