Global change research


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Early in 1989 William R. Graham, then Science Advisor to President Bush, asked AGU to review Our Changing Planet: The FY 1990 Research Plan, a report from the Committee on Earth Sciences (CES) (Eos, February 28, p. 140). AGU agreed to the request and President Don Anderson set up a panel to conduct the review and draft an AGU position. Although the plan was released in late August instead of early July as expected, the panel acted expeditiously and did a substantive review that was approved by Council.

The details of the research plan and AGU review are significant. Even more significant is the importance the federal government is giving global change planning. CES, chaired by Dallas Peck, head of the U.S. Geological Survey, is leading this effort and providing a valuable service by getting the planning off on the right foot. Considering all the agencies whose cooperation is required, the CES management challenges appear as great as the technical challenges. The agencies deserve the help of all of us; it's in this spirit that the AGU review was done.