Quaternary stress-field change in the Gregory rift, Kenya


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In areas of continental extension, many regions are now known that have recorded kinematic changes in the course of their evolution [lilies and Greiner, 1978; Zoback et al., 1981; Golombek et al., 1983; Doser and Yarwood, 1990]. Different kinematics can be introduced by rotations in the direction of the least horizontal stress direction ( Shmin) by permutation of the principal stresses.

A reoriented stress field in a rifting environment may cause the structural framework to become unsuited to accommodate extension, so that strike-slip faulting may assume a major role. This appears to happen in some areas of advanced rifting that have many strike-slip earthquakes, and where the rift-related faults are oblique to the modern extension direction [Doser and Yarwood, 1990].