First JGG Award given to Tsunakawa



Hideo Tsunakawa of Tokai University, Japan, was presented the first Journal of Geomagnetism and Geoelectricity (JOG) Award at the 86th semiannual meeting of the Society of Geomagnetism and Earth; Planetary and Space Sciences, held in October 1989 at Kobe University, Japan. (SGEPSS was formerly the Society of Terrestrial Magnetism and Electricity of Japan.) Tsunakawa was given the award for his paper “Geomagnetic secular variation during the Brunhes epoch inferred from the paleomagnetism and the last 200 years geomagnetic field” (J. Geomagn. Geoelectr., 40, 1365, 1988).

The JGG Award will be given annually to honor “the best paper which was written by a scientist under 40 and which appeared in JGG in the last year.” The award carries 300,000 yen travel allowance to enable the recipient, if Japanese, to attend meetings in foreign countries or, if the recipient is from another country, to attend meetings in Japan sponsored or organized by SGEPSS. The JGG Editorial Board will nominate award candidates to SGEPSS; other than age limit, there is no restriction on candidates.