Clark R. Chapman Leads New JGR-Planets


  • Anonymous


The new section of the Journal of Geophysical Research devoted to planetary science, which begins publication in 1991, is a vehicle for the rapid publication of excellent research papers in the field. Clark R. Chapman of the Planetary Science Institute has been appointed Editor of this new section effective January 1, 1991. His office became fully operational on February 4. Manuscripts submitted during February, if rapidly reviewed and revised, are candidates for the inaugural issue, tentatively scheduled to appear by July 1991.

As Editor of JGR-Planets, Chapman plans to provide a forum for publication of a wide variety of technical articles in planetary science, including the kinds of solar system articles that were previously published in other sections of JGR as well as other research covering the breadth of planetary science. Three of Chapman's priorities are to provide an efficient, timely review of papers to speed publication, foster constructive dialog between authors and referees to improve the quality of reported research, and encourage authors to write in more concise, readable styles to improve communication to a broader readership.