NSF warned about budget cuts



Walter Massey had been director of the National Science Foundation for less than 24 hours when Bob Traxler, chairman of the House VA, HUD, and Independent Agencies appropriations subcommittee, and one of the two most important people in Congress with jurisdiction over NSF, provided early warning of cuts in the foundation's proposed FY 1992 budget. “We must tell you that in our best judgement, we're not going to be too successful in matching your allocation of the 302(b) process with the generosity of the president's request,” Traxler told Massey, referring to the process that was largely set up by last year's budget agreement.

The subcommittee hearing—held March 5 and 6 in a room off the main corridor of the U.S. Capitol, with space for only a dozen spectators—was one of the most important congressional events in this year's consideration of the NSF budget. Massey attended with the entire top tier of the NSF staff.