House cuts science to restore Space Station


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The House voted 240 to 173 to fully fund Space Station Freedom at $1.9 billion next year, overriding the House appropriations subcommittee, which eliminated the funding for the station last month. The unexpected action on June 6, taken after a day of heated debate, froze all other programs of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration at this year's levels, confirming the recent suspicion that the rest of the agency would suffer if the space station were funded. The House also took an additional $217 million from public housing subsidies and added it to the station. The National Science Foundation's budget request, funded by the same bill as NASA is, was not affected.

NASA administrator Richard H. Truly called the vote “a big victory for all America.” He added, however, that “much work remains to be done to provide a final FY 1992 budget for NASA that is well balanced between science, manned space flight and exploration, aeronautical research, Earth observation, and technology development.”