Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union

Mediterranean seabed in digital shaded relief



Relief-shaded images made from a large digital depth model (DDM) provide a fresh view of regional tectonism and submarine geomorphology in the central Mediterranean. The 1-km spatial resolution is better than that afforded by the 5-arc-minute worldwide digital bathymetry (DBDB5). These computer pictures enable information on seafloor morphology to be visualized and communicated in much the same way that relief maps made from digital elevation models are used to interpret subaerial topography. The images shown here (partially joined along 19°E) were taken from a new shaded-relief map of the entire Mediterranean seafloor and parts of the Bay of Biscay and Black Sea between latitude 307deg;–46°N and longitude 6°W–37°E [Mark et al., 1990].