UNAVCO and UCAR join forces


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The University Navstar Consortium, an Earth sciences research group using satellites for scientific surveying and positioning applications, will join the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research on October 1, 1991.

UNAVCO has 32 members, both U.S. and foreign university and research institutions, who are interested in or engaged in using the Navstar Global Positioning System satellites for scientific research. UNAVCO's goal is to encourage and support the optimum productivity of scientific research using GPS. The UNAVCO facility offers a complete support program for investigators including assistance in planning, training, equipment, shipping, insurance, customs, field operations, technical troubleshooting, data management, analysis, and archiving. UNAVCO also serves as an advocate for the academic research community in dealings with government and industry regarding the scientific use of GPS. UNAVCO is sponsored principally by the National Science Foundation's Earth Sciences Division.