SPR Awards Committee



The SPR Awards Committee has been formed for the next 2-year period (July 1, 1990–June 30, 1992). It consists of Marty Lee (chair), University of New Hampshire, tel. 603-862-3509; Nancy Crooker (ex-officio), University of California at Los Angeles; Bill Kurth, University of Iowa; Tom Moore, Marshall Space Flight Center; Ed Roelof, Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory; Bob Schunk, Utah State University; and Dan Winske, Los Alamos National Laboratory.

The SPR Awards Committee has several responsibilities, including solicitation and development of proposals for potential AGU Fellows from the SPR section; the AGU Fellows Committee makes the final selections. The awards committee also reviews SPR student papers at the Fall and Spring AGU Meetings and nominates outstanding papers for AGU recognition.