Indian Ocean ODP Campaign discussed


  • David K. Rea


Cardiff, U.K., in July to draw together individual results of the nine-leg Ocean Drilling Project (ODP) campaign in the Indian Ocean (1987–1988) into ocean-wide syntheses. The convener of the meeting was Robert Duncan of Oregon State University.

Keynote addresses were designed to reacquaint conferees with the goals and achievements of the nine-leg Indian Ocean program. Roland Schlish reported on results of the ODP Indian Ocean drilling program; Jean-Yves Royer on paleogeographic reconstructions of the Indian Ocean; Warren Prell on development of the Arabian monsoons; Robert Duncan on life cycle of Indian Ocean hotspots; Sherwood Wise on Antarctic to sub-Antarctic paleoceanography; Ulrich Von Rad and Felix Gradstein on ocean evolution from Tethys to the Indian Ocean; Jeffrey Weissel on intraplate deformation in the central Indian Ocean; Henry Dick on oceanic lithosphere layer 3, Indian Ocean Site 735; and Robert Kidd on progress of the PALIOS project: DSDP to ODP synthesis. A poster session illuminating the results of about 20 research efforts by some conferees on Indian Ocean ODP topics was also held.