Biogeochemical processes in model estuaries



Sixty researchers met to evaluate the effects of global change on estuaries and to improve estuarine modeling at the Second International Symposium on the Biogeochemistry of Model Estuaries, held April 15–19, 1991, at Jekyll Island, Ga. The importance of successful sampling in evaluating chemical fluxes and establishing records of estuarine change was articulated, as was the need for tracer tools for improved modeling. The symposium was sponsored by the National Science Foundation, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the Department of Energy.

Participants discussed particles and sedimentology, trace elements and metals, organic chemistry, and nutrient cycling of estuarine processes. Four days of presentations were followed by a half-day of discussion on advances in these topics and the overall goal of assessing estuarine processes in global change. What follows is a synopsis of this discussion.