International geodesy discussed in Vienna



The International Association of Geodesy (IAG) met for 2 weeks in August 1991 during the 20th General Assembly of the IUGG in Vienna. Numerous plans were made for future scientific projects and meetings and a large number of scientific and administrative activities were completed.

IAG is an organization whose objectives are to promote the study of scientific problems of geodesy;; to promote and coordinate international cooperation in geodesy;; and to provide, on an international basis, an opportunity for the discussion and publication of geodetic research. To implement these objectives, the IAG is organized into five sections and several groups that fall outside the section definition. The five sections are Positioning (I), Advanced Space Technology (II), Determination of the Gravity Field (III), General Theory and Methodology (IV), and Geodynamics (V). Each section has a structure that is organized through the president of the section.