Fennoscandia Paleomagnetics Meeting



In a repeat of a 1986 meeting of paleomagnetists from Scandinavia (Eos, October 27, 1987), a second meeting was held October 26 to November 2, 1990, in Luleå, Sweden, to discuss recent developments in the Precambrian.data base for Fennoscandia and other continents of interest, such as the Ukraine Block and the Gbndwana continents.

The meeting was essentially a 9-day workshop: participants compiled, computed, and plotted, with 1 day reserved for formal presentations. In addition to host Sten Ake Elming of Luleå, the following scientists attended: L. J . Pesonen, S. Mertanen, M. Leino, J . Marmo (Finland); N. Abrahamsen (Denmark); G. Bylund, R. Gorbatschev, G. Vidal (Sweden); E. Halvorsen, M. Smethurst, T. Torsvik (Norway); A. N. Khramov, A. Krasnova, N. P. Michailova (U.S.S.R.); T. Onstott (U.S.); and R. Van der Voo (U.S./Spain).