Last interglacial in Arctic and Subarctic


  • John Matthews Jr.


An international group of 30 Quaternary scientists studying the last interglacial in the Arctic met recently to share regional information and to begin the compilation of paleoclimatic information on a hemispheric scale. The NATO Advanced Studies Workshop was held in Hanstholm, Denmark.

The last interglacial (s.s.) has been identified at sites across the Arctic, as have other discrete intervals later in stage 5. The development of hemispheric data sets requires international programs that foster the exchange of field-based paleoclimate data and increased communication between field researchers and the modeling community. Toward that goal, LIGA (The Working Group on the Last Interglacial in the Arctic and Subarctic) was formed to foster the development of a global-scale data base and to serve as an interface between field-based Quaternary scientists and ongoing regional programs addressing the field record of the last interglacial (for example, PONAM, CELIA, SOVPEC, PALE), and the climate-modeling community.