Magnetic imprints of continental accretion in the U.S.S.R



The evidence for these events has been studied extensively by Soviet investigators, who in recent years have applied the concepts of plate tectonics to the geological framework and evolution of the continental U.S.S.R. and summarized their findings in a series of tectonic reconstructions. The results of these studies have been synthesized, and their English publication “e.g., Khain, 1987; Zonenshain et al, 1990a,b” has provided Western investigators with a modern and comprehensive overview of the geological structure and history of the Soviet Union.

Complementing these recent publications is a new digital grid of about 16 million points describing the magnetic anomaly field of the U.S.S.R. This data set was produced from a series of 18 maps, scale 1:2,500,000, published by the U.S.S.R. Ministry of Geology “Makarova, 1974” and digitized recently by the U.S. Naval Oceanographic Office in Bay St. Louis, Miss.