Austin Post receives Hubley Award


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One of the characteristics of the community of scientists and engineers that are working in the snow, ice, and permafrost area is that they have formed a number of organizations, both formal and informal, that concentrate on a specific topic or region and conduct relatively regular meetings of that special interest group on those subjects. Examples of these are the Eastern Snow Conference, the International Conferences on the Physics of Ice, and the International Workshops on the Atmospheric Icing of Structures.

One of these groups, the Northwest Glaciologists, recently established an award, the Richard C. Hubley Crystal, which was presented to Austin Post at their last meeting in Seattle, Washington, on November 30, 1990. Seventy-seven glaciologists were in attendance including representatives of the outposts of the Northwest from Nagoya, Fairbanks, Pasadena, Oslo, and Innusbruck. The following is a short summary submitted by Mark Meier of the Northwest Glaciologists (in their own words, “a unique non-organization”), some of the background for their establishing the Richard C. Hubley Crystal, Austin Post's contributions that led to his being the first recipient of the award, and his response to receiving the award.