U.S. National Report to IUGG wins praise


  • Anonymous


The U.S. National Report to the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics, which was distributed at the IUGG General Assembly in Vienna last week, has been lauded by members of the scientific community. “As someone who has been responsible for similar—if perhaps not quite as exhaustive—reports in the past,” wrote D. Allan Bromley, science advisor to President Bush, in a letter to AGU, “I know the amount of care and work that goes into them. My congratulations to everyone involved.”

The 10-volume report, published by AGU, was compiled under the supervision of Editor in Chief Margaret A. Shea. The U.S. National Committee to the IUGG and AGU recognized Shea's “outstanding leadership in the compilation and publication” of the report on May 27 during the AGU Spring Meeting in Baltimore.