Distributions of underdense meteor trail amplitudes and its application to meteor scatter communication system design


  • J. A. Weitzen,

  • S. Bourque,

  • J. C. Ostergaard,

  • P. M. Bench,

  • A. D. Baily


Analysis of data from recent experiments leads to the observation that distributions of underdense meteor trail peak signal amplitudes differ from classic predictions. In this paper the distribution of trail amplitudes in decibels relative to 1 W (dBw) is considered, and it is shown that Lindberg's theorem can be used to apply central limit arguments to this problem. It is illustrated that a Gaussian model for the distribution of the logarithm of the peak received signal level of underdense trails provides a better fit to data than classic approaches. Distributions of underdense meteor trail amplitudes at five frequencies are compared to a Gaussian distribution and the classic model. Implications of the Gaussian assumption on the design of communication systems are discussed.