The electromagnetic fields inside and outside a steadily rotating, magnetized, conducting sphere are determined for the cases of nonprecession and precession. In both cases the spin rotational axis is aligned with the magnetic axis of the sphere. The field expressions are those measured in the laboratory reference frame. For a nonprecessing sphere the magnetic fields are identical to the fields of a stationary sphere, but in addition there is an induced induction of order υ2/c2 whose lines of force radiate in loops above and below the equator. The electric and magnetic induction field expressions were derived in the laboratory frame when the sphere precesses in an external magnetic field. They can be divided into static and dynamic parts. The amplitudes of these parts were plotted as functions of the angle of inclination of the polar axis. The dynamic parts are circularly and elliptically polarized. The pivot point of the precessing sphere was chosen off center. The only two stable positions are at θ = 0° and 180° for a center pivot.