Keeping JGR manageable



Recent JGR policies that encourage special sections and eliminate page charges for author-produced copy have been a boon for JGR-Solid Earth, at least if the number of pages published is used as the primary measure of success. On the other hand, these policies have not served the interests of individual subscribers.

The merit of the material published in the 8,557 pages of the 1990 volume of JGR-Solid Earth is not in question. As a subscriber whose main interest is in seismology, however, I have several measures of the value and cost of the journal besides the number of published pages. These 8,557 pages of JGR-Solid Earth occupy 29 cm of shelf space and weigh 15.7 kg. (The June issue alone weighed 1.9 kg!) These are awkward figures for anyone contemplating a long-distance move or just taking the most recent issue home for the evening.