House to vote on EOS, Station on April 29



The House has scheduled the first vote of the year on funding for Space Station Freedom, the Earth Observing System (EOS), and other NASA funding, for April 29. While this is but the first in a series of votes on fiscal year 1992 NASA funding, it will serve as an important indicator of congressional sentiment on space programs.

On April 8, the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee approved by voice vote H.R. 4364, the NASA Multiyear Authorization Act of 1992. This 3-year bill authorizes NASA to spend $15.3 billion in fiscal 1993. Of this amount, $14.3 billion is authorized for ongoing science and technology programs that are the core of NASA's space programs. Another $952.1 million would be made available for “special initiatives” that would compete for funding if the overall NASA appropriation is increased by the appropriations committees. NASA now receives $14.3 billion, an amount the appropriations committees have warned may not be increased for fiscal 1993.