Rapid scientific response to Landers quake



Early on the morning of June 28, 1992, millions of people in southern California were awakened by the largest earthquake (Ms 7.5, Mw 7.4) in the western U.S. in the past 40 years. The quake initiated near the town of Landers, Calif., at 11:57 (GMT) and ruptured to the north and then the northwest along a 70-km stretch of the Mojave Shear Zone. Fortunately, the strongest shaking occurred in uninhabited regions of the Mojave desert, but one child was killed in Yucca Valley and 400 people were injured in the surrounding area. The communities of Landers, Yucca Valley, and Joshua Tree in San Bernardino County sustained significant ($100 million) damage to buildings and roads. Damage to water and power lines also caused problems in many of the desert areas.