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Interpretation of measurements made by the forward scattering spectrometer probe (FSSP-300) during the Airborne Arctic Stratospheric Expedition


  • Darrel Baumgardner,

  • James E. Dye,

  • Bruce W. Gandrud,

  • Robert G. Knollenberg


An improved forward scattering spectrometer probe, the FSSP-300, was developed for the Airborne Arctic Stratospheric Expedition. The 300 measures particles in the size range 0.3 μm to 20 μm and has a greater sensitivity and faster time response than its predecessor, the FSSP-100X. An intensive characterization of this probe's operating characteristics has been made and its limitations evaluated. Measurements from this probe are affected by Mie scattering ambiguities and index of refraction uncertainties, nonuniform laser intensity, uncertainties in sample volume definition, and time response roll-off. Correction algorithms have been developed to account for some of the probe limitations. After applying these corrections, the uncertainties in number and mass concentration are on the order of 25% and 60%, respectively.

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