Eigenmodes in a circular waveguide containing an isotropic chiral material


  • Richard Hollinger,

  • Vasundara V. Varadan,

  • Vijay K. Varadan


In this paper, Maxwell's equations and modified constitutive equations are used to investigate the eigenmodes in a circular waveguide containing an isotropic chiral medium for monochromatic radiation of unspecified wavelength. The dispersion equation for this case is derived analytically, solved numerically, and compared to the nonchiral case and to waveguides containing longitudinally magnetized ferrites. The field components are computed and plotted as a function of the radial coordinate as well as the transverse E-field lines in the circular cross section. Cutoff frequencies, evanescent modes, polarization characteristics of the fields, and the nondegeneracy of positive and negative mode numbers are discussed and contrasted with those of nonchiral, dielectric filled circular waveguides.