Meteor wind observations with the MU radar


  • T. Nakamura,

  • T. Tsuda,

  • M. Tsutsumi,

  • K. Kita,

  • T. Uehara,

  • S. Kato,

  • S. Fukao


We conducted meteor wind observations with the middle and upper atmosphere (MU) radar at Shigaraki, Japan (35°N, 136°E), utilizing an interferometer to determine the arrival angle of a meteor echo. We found that meteor echoes are widely distributed in zenith angles as large as 50° and that the narrow main lobe of a transmitting antenna cannot effectively detect meteor trails but that the sidelobes of the antenna illuminate most of meteor trails. Wind velocity profiles determined using meteor echoes are consistent with MU radar observations determined using turbulence echoes. The amplitudes and phases of both diurnal and semidiurnal tides were analyzed for a 96-hour continuous run in September 1989, which agreed reasonably well with the characteristics of tides determined from Kyoto meteor radar observations.