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Electromagnetic plane wave diffraction by a three-part thin, planar dielectric/magnetic slab


  • R. G. Rojas,

  • H. C. Ly,

  • P. H. Pathak,

  • R. Tiberio


A uniform asymptotic high-frequency solution is developed for the plane wave diffraction by a three-part thin, planar dielectric/magnetic slab. This work is an extension of the previously developed solution for the problem of diffraction by the planar junction of two thin dielectric/magnetic half planes. The multiple interactions up to third order between the edges of the three-part material slab, which include edge-diffracted fields, surface wave fields, and two new terms not considered in the majority of papers in the literature, are obtained to yield a uniform far-zone-scattered field. The employed formulations are based on the spectrally extended ray method; and the solutions obtained can be specialized to limiting cases for which any part of the material slab can become free space, perfectly conducting, or purely resistive, respectively. Numerical results corresponding to various multiple-edge planar structures are presented. Some of these numerial examples are compared with the corresponding data based on an available moment method solution; the agreement between these approaches is very good.

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