Radiation of whistler waves in magnetoactive plasma


  • I. G. Kondrat'ev,

  • A. V. Kudrin,

  • T. M. Zaboronkova


In this paper the radiation of ring electric and magnetic currents in magnetoactive plasma in whistler frequency range is investigated. Particular attention is concentrated on the problem of variation of the radiated power distribution over the spectrum of excited waves with variation of the radiator parameters. Attention is also given to the radiation pattern structure near the resonance cone and peculiar caustic directions corresponding to the conic refraction and the Storey angle. It is shown that for ring electric current the consideration of the inhomogeneity in its distribution along the ring can be of importance and can lead, in particular, to a large increase of the relative contribution of the quasi-electrostatic whistler mode waves to the total radiation power. Detailed numerical calculations have been carried out for the conditions close to ionospheric ones.