Flow through fissured porous media with deformable matrix: Implicit formulation


  • N. Khalili-Naghadeh,

  • S. Valliappan


An implicit coupled double-porosity model has been presented for simulating the behavior of deformable fissured porous media. The finite element technique was used to develop the numerical approximation of the governing equations. Using the proposed model, the effect of matrix deformation on the behavior of fissured porous media was studied. It was found that (1) the response of a deformable fissured porous medium is identical to that of rigid formations with regard to three distinct periods of early, intermediate, and late time responses; (2) while matrix deformation can significantly contribute to the late time productivity of fissured porous media, it has very limited effect on the early time productivity; (3) during the early time response period, fluid pressure tends to rise in porous blocks before starting to fall; this is believed to be consistent with the coupling behavior of deformable fissured porous media; and (4) the fissure response of a deformable fissured porous medium may be practically simulated using the model proposed by Barenblatt et al. (1960) and Warren and Root (1963).