Nuclear subs to explore Arctic?


  • Anonymous


The international community of scientists has become interested in the idea of using a nuclear submarine to explore the Arctic and other inaccessible regions of the World Ocean. Several alternative approaches to formulating a concept and the respective plan of action put forward by different expert groups have been amply discussed [Eos, May 12, 1992; Navy News and Undersea Technology, November 9, 1992].

The Russian Academy of Sciences has created a working group, “Science-NSM,” to coordinate efforts in working out the concept of the project and the plan of action, determine the main scientific and applied problems and criteria for selecting the type of nuclear submarine to be rebuilt, appraise the possible solutions of occurring problems, as well as to effect international contacts. Members of the group include E. P. Velikhov (chairman), vice-president of the Russian Academy of Sciences; D. M. Klimov (deputy chairman); and Y. D. Chasheckin (scientific secretary).