Global Paleomagnetic Data Base updated



In August 1991, the first global paleomagnetic data base (Version 1.4) was released through World Data Center A in Boulder, Colo. We published a manual [Lock and McElhinny, 1991] that described the design, installation, and use with the Oracle relational data-base management system. Version 1.4 included all global data through the end of 1988. We are pleased to announce that Version 2.2, which includes all data through the end of 1992 will be released through World Data Center A in May. A supplement to the original manual, describing changes to the data base, will appear in the April 15 issue of Surveys in Geophysics. Some of the changes include a totally revamped menu system that enables a variety of choices of data selection. In addition, we have cross checked all entries against the latest regional catalogs for Canada and the Laurentian Shield [Irving et al., 1990] and Fennoscandia [Pesonen et al., 1991].