Space station overrun ires NASA, Congress


  • M. Catherine White


With a new administration in place, future funding for the space station seems promising. In mid-February, the Clinton administration announced that it will seek $2.25 billion for the station in the fiscal year 1994 budget. But at a House Subcommittee on Space hearing on March 3, members divided on the station issue questioned NASA, McDonnell Douglas, and IBM witnesses as to why budget projections for the project's next 3 years have grown by about $500 million.

Although subcommittee chairman Ralph M. Hall (D-Tex.) voiced support for NASA and urged, “We all want the same thing, a space station of reasonable cost,” there seemed to be little consensus among other members who feel the science capability has been cut to a point that will make the project, as one member put it, “a floating whistlestop in the sky.”