Reply [to “Do solar variations change climate?”]



The January 12 article in Eos referred to by Schröder and Treder was in fact an excerpt from Geophysics News, an AGU publication that is intended to form a bridge between the technical journals and the news media, providing nontechnical background material on areas of current interest in geophysics. As such, it was brief and did not contain the extensive references that would normally be included in a scientific manuscript.

Nevertheless, the points raised by Schröder and Treder do require an answer, since, in my opinion, they reveal some important misconceptions. They raise two main points: (1) there is a body of opinion that questions the reality of the Maunder-Minimum in solar activity in the late 17th and early 18th centuries, and (2) changes in the solar “constant” related to the solar cycle are impossible, since the Sun's energy is generated in the core and can have little connection with solar magnetic activity.