The Sun in Time



This book describes the Sun as it is today and in yesteryear, through several centuries of solar measurements, several past millennia of tree-ring and ice-core records, and geological time scales of a few hundred million years. The book contains thirty-six review papers from eighty-three collaborating authors who are experts in their fields. The papers are grouped into six parts: the Sun, energetic particles, isotopes, the Sun and climate, the early Sun, and solar-like stars.

The Sun in Time is part of the University of Arizona's space science series and is based on a workshop held from March 6 to 10, 1989, in Tucson. Some of the workshop's contributed papers and many of the invited talks were incorporated into the book. (Some subjects, such as tree-ring research, are underrepresented.) Since space science series papers undergo extensive review, The Sun in Time is clearly more polished than most conference proceedings.