U.S./Russia sign landmark agreement for space cooperation


  • Susan Bucci Mockler


Announcing the completion of deliberations between the United States and Russia on space cooperation in a teleconference to NASA Headquarters from Moscow, NASA Administrator Daniel Goldin said that December 16 “was a great day.” Yuri Koptev, director general of the Russian Space Agency (RSA), added that it is a “great day for our two nations and our space agencies.”

Agreement on the nature of this cooperation was marked by the signing of a protocol between NASA and the RSA outlining the significant increase in U.S.-Russian cooperation in human space flight. This agreement provides for flights of Russian cosmonauts and American astronauts on the space shuttle and the Mir orbital station, as well as for an extensive scientific and technological research program during 1995–1997. The first phase of this project is expected to begin soon.