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Nocturnal disturbances of total electron content and their correlation with VHF radio wave scintillations in the Pacific-Asia region


  • J. S. Xu,

  • K. C. Yeh


We have collected 136-MHz Faraday rotation and scintillation data of signals transmitted by the satellite ETS-2 and received at 13 ground stations in the Pacific-Asia region. Using this data base, a statistical analysis has been carried out by correlating the nocturnal TEC disturbances with the amplitude scintillations. Also presented are several typical events observed simultaneously over this network. An important result in the present paper is that the occurrence of amplitude scintillations is closely associated with the wavelike disturbances in TEC with periods below 2 hours. These periods agree with the TIDs produced by atmospheric gravity waves in the ionosphere. Furthermore, simultaneous recordings at several spaced stations indicate the disturbances are traveling. It is therefore deduced that wavelike disturbances in TEC observed are manifested as the ionospheric response to gravity waves in the neutral atmosphere.

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