Applications of the nonlinear finite difference time domain (NL-FDTD) method to pulse propagation in nonlinear media: Self-focusing and linear-nonlinear interfaces


  • Richard W. Ziolkowski,

  • Justin B. Judkins


In an effort to meet an ever increasing demand for more accurate and realistic integrated photonics simulations, we have developed a multidimensional, nonlinear finite difference time domain (NL-FDTD) Maxwell's equations solver. The NL-FDTD approach and its application to the modeling of the interaction of an ultrashort, optical pulsed Gaussian beam with a Kerr nonlinear material will be described. Typical examples from our studies of pulsed-beam self-focusing, the scattering of a pulsed-beam from a linear-nonlinear interface, and pulsed-beam propagation in nonlinear waveguides will be discussed.