Simultaneous nonlinear reconstruction of two-dimensional permittivity and conductivity


  • Tarek M. Habashy,

  • Michael L. Oristaglio,

  • Adrianus T. de Hoop


A new inversion algorithm for the simultaneous reconstruction of permittivity and conductivity recasts the nonlinear inversion as the solution of a coupled set of linear equations. The algorithm is iterative and proceeds through the minimization of two cost functions. At the initial step the data are matched through the reconstruction of the radiating or minimum norm scattering currents; subsequent steps refine the nonradiating scattering currents and the material properties inside the scatterer. Two types of basis functions are constructed for the nonradiating currents: “invisible” (global) basis functions, which are appropriate for discrete measurements and nonradiating (local) basis functions, which are useful in studying the limit of continuous measurements. Reconstructions of square cylinders from multiple source receiver measurements at a single frequency show that the method can handle large contrasts in material properties.