Robert E. Holzer (1906–1994)



On May 19, 1994, Robert E. Holzer passed away after a career in geophysics spanning 6 decades. Beginning with studies of atmospheric electricity in New Mexico, his interests evolved through studies of waves in the magnetosphere, especially ELF and VLF waves, both in ground-based records and then in situ, as rockets and satellites provided access to the farthest reaches of the magnetosphere, and finally to studies of the solar wind coupling with the Earth's magnetosphere. Robert E. Holzer, a fellow of both AGU and the American Physical Society, leaves a legacy to the field of geophysics through the training of students at the University of New Mexico and the University of California, Los Angeles, and through his many publications. He is survived by his wife Wilma, a daughter, and two sons, one of whom, Thomas E. Holzer, is well known to the geophysical community.