“Great problems of the Earth” Discussed at Symposium



The second open symposium for the new National Science Foundation (NSF) research program, Cooperative Studies of the Earth's Deep Interior (CSEDI), was held at the Inn at Loretto in Santa Fe, N. Mex., from October 22–23,1993. The symposium, attended by more than 130 Earth scientists, was organized by Thome Lay, of the U.S. Studies of the Earth's Deep Interior (SEDI) Coordinating Committee, and Chick Keller, with the assistance of Shirley Roybal.

The symposium began with an overview of the CSEDI initiative (see Eos, April 20, 1993) and a discussion of the functions of the U.S. SEDI Coordinating Committee by Chairman Rick O'Connell, followed by an explanation by Tom Jordan of the procedures for selection of a new Coordinating Committee, to serve in the coming year. Participants were invited to make nominations for new committee members during the course of the symposium.