Version 2.3 of the Global Paleomagnetic Database at March 1994 is now available either as ORACLE Export files or for use with Microsoft ACCESS Version 1.1 (or 2.0) under Windows. The Database for Poles (GPMDB) contains an expanded data set for China and has been completely cross-checked against the Canadian database for the Laurentian Shield. Several duplicate entries were eliminated (where authors have published the same data in two different journals), and many corrections were made to previous entries.

However, Version 2.3 now incorporates the Global Paleointensity Database (PALINT) compiled by H. Tanaka and M. Kono. This database includes all published pre-archeomagnetic paleointensity results for geological time. The following data sets are now available from World Data Center A in Boulder, Colo. Contact Susan McLean, World Data Center A, National Geophysical Data Center, NOAA, 325 Broadway E/GC1, Boulder CO 80303-3328; tel. 303497-6478; fax 303-497-6513.