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Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union

Setting the record straight on OH measurements



In the article “ATLAS Space Shuttle Studies Earth's Atmosphere and Solar Input,” by Timothy L. Miller, Steven A. Smith, and Jack. A. Kaye [Eos, July 19, 1994], the authors state that “The mission procured the first spacebased measurements of OH in the atmosphere.” This was in reference to the ATLAS-1 mission that flew in the spring of 1992.

We wish to correct this statement. CIRRIS 1A measured the vibrational and rotational spectral distribution of OH in the infrared onboard STS-39, April 29–30,1991. The results of these measurements have been published [Smith et al., 1992; Dodd et al., 1993]. In fact, our organization, Optical Environment, Phillips Laboratory/Geophysics Directorate, has measured the 2.7 pm OH emission in the upper atmosphere for over 20 years.

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