Global Water Resource Management



The stated intent of Global Water Resource Management is to present the results and background of the International Conference on Water Resources and Environment (ICWE) held in Dublin, Ireland in 1992. In contrast to typical conference proceedings known to academics, this conference report is an attempt to summarize the findings of the conference with related information and place the conference within the context of other high-visibility international conferences on water and environmental problems. This simple programmatic intent, which is capably fulfilled by the authors, should be of interest to those attending and interested in this conference. Among overviews of global water resource problems and solutions, the book is one of many appearing over a period of several decades. In this field it does not distinguish itself as being particularly insightful, well written, scholarly, practical, comprehensive, or current. The book is another example of the insubstantial scientific and policy results which seem to flow regularly from high-visibility international conferences.