Static image principle for anisotropic layered medium using transmission line analogy


  • M. E. Ermutlu


Anisotropic medium in electrostatic problems has been a great interest for geophysicists because it allows the use of more realistic models in geophysical studies. Problems involving planar anisotropic medium have been studied by different authors and image principles of these kinds of problems, like an anisotropic half-space bounded by a perfectly electrically or magnetically conducting plane, an impedance surface, or two similar transverse anisotropies, have been applied. Same examples are also considered by using transmission line analogy. This paper deals with a static problem involving layered anisotropic structure consisting of three different media with similar transverse anisotropies. A transmission line analogy is exploited to derive an electrostatic solution for reflection and transmission problems. A quasi-physical interpretation of these solutions in terms of image sources is given.