ELF radio wave propagation in a locally nonuniform Earth-ionosphere cavity


  • Alexander P. Nickolaenko


The vertical electric field component of the ELF radio wave propagating in the spherical Earth-ionosphere cavity with a localized nonuniformity is studied. The analysis is performed in the framework of Born's approximation of the perturbation theory applied to the Stratton-Chu integral equation. Both the vertical electric dipole and the horizontal grounded wire antenna are considered as the ELF field sources. It is shown that different effects can arise within the nonuniform waveguide depending on the disturbance position between or beyond the endpoint of the propagation path that are conditioned by the vectorial nature of the radio wave. Backscatter is the prevailing effect in the case of impedance or height disturbances. A localized nonuniformity can bring forth pattern rotation of the horizontal wire antenna and at the same time an amplitude modification of its lobes.