Just 3 months after the discovery of a planet around the star 51 Pegasus, Geoffrey Marcy and Paul Butler of San Francisco State University and UC Berkeley announced that they have found two Jupiter-sized planets orbiting stars just 35 light years from Earth. Studying the stars 70 Virginis (in the constellation Virgo) and 47 Ursae Majoris (in the Big Dipper and Ursa Major), Marcy and Butler detected a tell-tale wobble in the motion of each star. Essentially, the researchers observed slight modulations in the light coming from the star, which are attributed to the gravitational tugs between planets and stars.

The planet around 70 Virginis is believed to have a mass nine times that of Jupiter, an orbital period of 116 days at 0.43 AU from the star, and a temperature of roughly 85°C.