Project conducts seismic reflection profiling in the Ural Mountains



Geophysicists from east and west are flocking to the Uralide orogen of Russia to acquire modern, multichannel deep seismic reflection profiles over targets in the Ural Mountains. Seismic reflection profiling promises to help answer geological and geophysical questions about the structure of the mountain belt at crustal and lithospheric scales, the development and evolution of a crustal root, the drift of the continents involved in the collision and tectonic evolution of the orogen, and the recent uplift history.

EUROPROBE, a European Science Foundation (ESF) scientific program that is seeking to unravel key aspects of the tectonic evolution of Europe, involving both eastern and western researchers, is leading the effort to acquire profiles. Going a step further, EUROPROBE is collaborating with Consortium for Continental Reflection Profiling (COCORP) scientists in the United States to develop new, integrated geological and geophysical studies of the Urals. Priority is being given to investigating the relationships between the upper and lower crustal structure.