Career Planning Workshop offers advice on landing a job



As part of a continuing program on career planning and job hunting skills for geoscientists, AGU sponsored a career workshop at the Fall 1994 meeting in San Francisco. Over 100 attended the 2-hour seminar led by Peter Fiske, a post-doc at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and Al Levin, assistant director of graduate counseling and programs at Stanford University's Career Planning and Placement Center. The purpose of the seminar was to help Ph.D.s identify the transferable skills they possess and to outline the basic steps in making the often difficult transition to a new career outside of research science. According to Fiske and Levin, scientists tend to start their career change by searching for specific jobs and organizations they think might be a good match for their technical training and tend to assume that a technical position is the only good match for them. In fact, research-trained scientists possess a number of transferable skills that are valued in a wide variety of work environments, such as good communication, organizational, and team work skills, and independence.