EOS, electronic supplement added to AGU's electronic products


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AGU adds another electronic publication to its roster on August 15, with publication of the first article in Eos, Transactions, AGU, Electronic Supplement, an online supplement to the Union's weekly newspaper. As part of AGU's burgeoning electronic publications program, the Eos supplement joins the AGU Home Page; the Quadrennial Report, which includes 163 reviewed papers covering the state-of-the-science in the United States.; Earth and Space Index (EASI) on diskette, with over 32,400 references for AGU publications 1988–1994; EASI Monthly Updates, 1995, by e-mail; the IUGG XXI Home Page; and the AMEN (Antarctic Managers Electronic Network) Home Page. Initially, the supplement will present articles covering electronic products that are not commercially marketed—computer software, databases, and data sets. After a startup period, the supplement may be expanded to include other types of articles and information.